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Trinities, Triunities and Triodities

Absolute Synergism

The Paradise Trinity is a real entity, not a personality, but nonetheless a true and absolute reality. While not a personality, the Trinity is nonetheless compatible with the coexistent personalities of the Father, the Son, and the Spirit. 

The Trinity is a supersummative Deity reality eventuating out of the conjoining of the three Paradise Deities.

The qualities, characteristics, and functions of the Trinity are not the simple sum of the attributes of the three Paradise Deities.

Trinity functions are something unique, original, and not wholly predictable from an analysis of the attributes of Father, Son, and Spirit.

Trinity and Triunity
While mankind has sometimes grasped at an understanding of the Trinity of the three persons of Deity, consistency demands that the human intellect perceive that there are specific relationships between all seven Absolutes. 
All that which is true of the Paradise Trinity is not necessarily true of a triunity, for a triunity is something other than a trinity. 
In certain functional aspects a triunity may be analogous to a trinity, but it is never homologous (similar) in nature with a trinity. 
The triunity is not similar in position, value, structure, or function to trinity.

Forced Growth
Mortal man is passing through a great age of expanding horizons and enlarging concepts on Urantia (Earth), and his cosmic philosophy must accelerate in evolution to keep pace with the expansion of the intellectual arena of human thought. 
As the cosmic consciousness of mortal man expands, he perceives the interrelatedness of all that he finds in his material science, intellectual philosophy, and spiritual insight. Still, with all this belief in the unity of the cosmos, man perceives the diversity of all existence. 
In spite of all concepts concerning the immutability of Deity, man perceives that he lives in a universe of constant change and experiential growth.
Regardless of the realization of the survival of spiritual values, man has ever to reckon with the mathematics and premathematics of force, energy, and power.

Reconciling Incompleteness
In some manner the eternal repleteness of infinity must be reconciled with the time-growth of the evolving universes and with the incompleteness of the experiential inhabitants thereof. 
In some way the conception of total infinitude must be so segmented and qualified that the mortal intellect and the morontia soul can grasp this concept of final value and spiritualizing significance.

Existential and Infinite
The Paradise Trinity - the eternal Deity union of the Universal Father, the Eternal Son, and the Infinite Spirit - is existential in actuality, but all potentials are experiential. 
Therefore does this Trinity constitute the only Deity reality embracing infinity, and therefore do there occur the universe phenomena of the actualization of God the Supreme, God the Ultimate, and God the Absolute.

Monotheism and Plurality
While reason demands a monotheistic unity of cosmic reality, finite experience requires the postulate (presumption without proof) of plural Absolutes and of their coordination in cosmic relationships. 
Without coordinate existences there is no possibility for the appearance of diversity of absolute relationships, no chance for the operation of differentials, variables, modifiers, attenuators, qualifiers, or diminishers.

Trinity Sovereignty
Through the recognition of the Trinity concept the mind of man can hope to grasp something of the interrelationship of love and law in the time-space creations. 
Through spiritual faith man gains insight into the love of God but soon discovers that this spiritual faith has no influence on the ordained laws of the material universe. 
Irrespective of the firmness of man's belief in God as his Paradise Father, expanding cosmic horizons demand that he also give recognition to the reality of Paradise Deity as universal law, that he recognize the Trinity sovereignty extending outward from Paradise and overshadowing even the evolving local universes of the Creator Sons and Creative Daughters of the three eternal persons whose deity union is the fact and reality and eternal indivisibility of the Paradise Trinity.

The Experiential Trinities
The original and eternal Paradise Trinity is existential and was inevitable. 
This never-beginning Trinity was inherent in the fact of the differentiation of the personal and the nonpersonal by the Father's unfettered will and factualized when his personal will coordinated these dual realities by mind. 
The post-Havona Trinities are experiential - are inherent in the creation of two subabsolute and evolutional levels of power-personality manifestation in the master universe.

The first and second experiential Trinities (the post-Havona Trinities), cannot be infinite because they embrace derived Deities, Deities evolved by the experiential actualization of realities created or eventuated by the existential Paradise Trinity. 
Infinity of divinity is being ever enriched, if not enlarged, by finity and absonity of creature and Creator experience.

Truths of Relationship
Trinities are truths of relationship and facts of coordinate Deity manifestation. 
Trinity functions encompass Deity realities, and Deity realities always seek realization and manifestation in personalization. 
God the Supreme, God the Ultimate, and even God the Absolute are therefore divine inevitabilities. 
These three experiential Deities were potential in the existential Trinity, the Paradise Trinity, but their universe emergence as personalities of power is dependent in part on their own experiential functioning in the universes of power and personality and in part on the experiential achievements of the post-Havona Creators and Trinities.

The Trinity of Trinities
The nature of the Trinity of Trinities is difficult to portray to the human mind. 
The Trinity of Trinities is the actual summation of the entirety of experiential infinity as such is manifested in a theoretical infinity of eternity realization. 
In the Trinity of Trinities the experiential infinite attains to identity with the existential infinite, and both are as one in the pre-experiential, pre-existential I AM. 
The Trinity of Trinities is the final expression of all that is implied in the fifteen triunities and associated triodities. Finalities are difficult for relative beings to comprehend, be they existential or experiential; therefore they must always be presented as relativities. 

Increasing Unification
The Trinity of Trinities exists in several phases of time. 
The Trinities are levels of increasing unification. 
Through the Trinity of Trinities the experiential infinite attains to identity with the existential infinite. 
When the absolute potentials become completely actualized, total reality will be integrated. 
This eventuality will reunite the seven absolute phases of the Father-I AM.

Operating in Unison
The three Trinities function as perfectly synchronized (though distinct) groupings of Deity personalities.
The Trinity of Trinities are the final expression of all that is implied in the fifteen triunities and associated triodities.

First level Trinity of Trinities
1. The Paradise Trinity - This is the association of the three Paradise Deities - Father, Son, and Spirit. The Paradise Trinity implies a threefold function - an absolute function, a transcendental function (Trinity of Ultimacy), and a finite function (Trinity of Supremacy). The Paradise Trinity is any and all of these at any and all times.
2. The Ultimate Trinity - This is the deity association of the Supreme Creators, God the Supreme, and the Architects of the Master Universe.
3. The Absolute Trinity - This is the grouping of God the Supreme, God the Ultimate, and the Consummator of Universe Destiny in regard to all divinity values. In the Absolute Trinity, the power and the personality aspects of the experiential Deities are now in process of experiential synthesis.
The association of these three Trinities provides for an unlimited integration of reality.